François Hollande
Ex président de la France
Né/Née: 1954, la France
Enfants: 4
  • Annuel: € 75,000.00
  • Mensuel: € 6,250.00
  • Hebdomadaire: € 1,442.00
  • Journalier: € 205.00 from the age of 60, without any condition of duration or amount of contributions, a former head of state receives the "gross indexed salary of a state councillor in service Ordinary ", ie 6,220.96 euros gross monthly, or close to 75,000 euros annually. This pension can be combined with wages from other jobs and pensions.
CNewsMatin April 2017: In France, the President of the Republic receives € 14,910.31 gross per month, which is 178,920 euro annually.
LeFigaro March 2015: 179.000 euro's
BBC 17 May, 2013: A campaign promise, the cut reduces Mr Hollande's monthly salary from 21,300 euros to 14,910 (£12,000; $19,000). Hollande had as President of the Corrèze General Council a pay package of nearly £200.000 a year - funding his £1.5 million Paris flat and Cote d'Azur holiday home - he has said that he will slash the presidential salary if elected.
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Réviser: 2017-5
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