Baromètre du travail belongs to the WageIndicator Foundation. In you will find: unemployment, percentage working poor, employment growth rate, average national wage, female unemployment as a percentage of male unemployment, income inequality: ratio of richest 10% to poorest 10%, ratio of average female to male income,- female professional and technical workers as a percentage of total, foreign-born population as a percentage of total, workers' remittances from abroad, as a percentage of GDP, youth unemployment rate, government expenditures for social benefits, as a % of total, fatal occupational injury rate, percentage working children, incidence of HIV/AIDS among working population.

Labour market indicators for 175 countries

WorkBarometer has the most recent data on workers and labour market with 19 indicators: employment rates, minimum wages, gender pay gaps, average wages, social security and more. Covering 175 countries since 2000.

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